AC1500PE Foaming Agent

This series of foaming agents is mainly used for the foaming of continuous extruding crosslinking PE. Dosage is 2-20% adjusted to the expansion ratio.

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Product details

Technical Index

Item No



Light yellow easily dispersed power

Decomposing Temperature, ℃


Gas Evolution ml/g



Average Granular Sizeμm


Moisture Content%




Processing Conditions


Processing160170℃  &  200210℃


This series of foaming agent is odorless and non-toxic with good stability and self-extinguishment. It won’t decompose under common temperature but should kept in the cool and place and far from hot steam pipeline, fire source and direct sunlight. Never let it contact directly with acids and is suggested that good ventilation conditions should be realized where the foaming agent is treated and mixed. Be careful not to inhale its powder, make frequent skin contact or swallow it.


A bag contains 25kg of this kind of foaming agent and bags are packed in carrels according to clients’ demand.

Each batch of foaming agent series weighs 3 tons. While using the foaming agent of the same batch, only a handful is needed to test for confirmation and then the whole batch can be used with certainty.

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